Boozy Animations
Art Direction, illustration, Motion Graphics​​​​​​​
1. Zodiac Signs and Their Drinks of Choice

2. The Incredible History of Gin
A series of Motion Collages exploring different topics in the world of spirits we’ve been working on recently with Flaviar. Mentioned episodes explore different drinks based on Zodiac Signs and and dive into the Incredible History of Gin. Thanks for watching!

Client: Flaviar
Copywriting (Zodiac Signs and Their Drinks of Choice): Liza Rihar
Copywriting (The Incredible History of Gin): Jernej Vrečar
Flaviar Media: Max Blazon
Art Direction, Design & Animation: Daga Podkrólewicz
Graphic & Motion Design: Zuza Mikołajczak
Sound Design: Michał Maletz
Year: 2023

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